Welcome to our company, we are providing all material components products for industries, such as Natoli, Monban, PIAB, Esco Cleanroom Garment, Stainless Steel Accessories Table, Installation and Moving Installation, etc. We also serve sales service and maintenance


We were established in August 1999, with several experiences and professional people. Since the founding of PT Zeta Utama Satya, it has became a company that provide spare parts needs for several industries such as pharmaceutical, consumer goods, food and beeverages, automotive, and others.

Spare parts which produced by PT Zeta Utama Satya are designated for pharmaceutical industries, such as soap mould, bow mould, embossed machenary cone, stainless filter bergs, walter filter, pulley and dies for tablet, and others.

In 2002, PT Zeta Utama Satya also provide technical services for automotive industries needs, such as roller conveyer, high speed shutter, humidifier (voging system), conveyor brush, pneumatic filter.Currently, we have already hundreds clients at many fields, such as medicine, automotive, tractor, electronic, etc. which based in both of domestic and foreign countries.

Workshop Facilities

To fulfill spare parts order, we have workshop tools and its experts according to market needs, such as: Lathe Machine, Sharing Machine, Milling Machine, Pedestal Boring Machine, Bending Machine, Welding Equipment, Polishing Equipment, Plasma Cutting, Rolling Machine, and Polishing Grinder.


Being a trusted national industrial services company that oriented to customer satisfaction as well as the safety and health of employee performance.


PT. Zeta Utama Satya’s mission is to become a leading company to provide high quality equipments and spare parts in order to deliver the best solution for industries in both improvement of productivity and work environment.